Clothing Rescue Centre

All over the country once loved clothes are languishing in the back of wardrobes - forgotten about, unloved and just plain lonely.

The ZipYard is something of a rescue centre for all manner of items of clothing – with all kinds of problems. How many people have old clothes hanging at the back of their wardrobes that have not seen the light of day in many a year? In some cases there may be something wrong with the item, such as rips and tears, and yet there is a sentimental pull that prevents people from simply disposing of it. In other instances the clothing may simply not fit anymore, or perhaps the cut has just fallen out of fashion, though you still like the overall style. The good news is that there are ways to bring those items of clothing out of the back of the closet and back to life.

The importance of alterations

The key to making your wardrobe complete once more is clothing alteration. Few ordinary people can afford a stylist, but fortunately you don't need thousands of pounds to give your outfits back their style, and make them wearable once more. The ZipYard offers an extremely affordable service that can make old clothes look new again. If you have items of clothing that you really love the overall appearance of, and yet are unable to wear anymore for various reasons, then it will certainly be worth the price of the ZipYard’s remarkably economical service to restore them to life once again.

The ZipYard guarantee

At The ZipYard we take pride in the quality and speed of our service, as well as our conveniently situated locations, and our highly competitive and affordable pricing. Whether you want your outfits tucked, adjusted or just repaired, we guarantee customer satisfaction. From taking up shoulder seams, shortening straps, hemming jeans and pants and more, the ZipYard is the only place you need to go to for all of your clothing rescue needs!