Created by a Designer, Altered by the ZipYard!

One problem with almost any kind of designer clothing is that it seems to be made in order to fit some perfect celebrity physique, rather than that of a real person. The other problem is that some of them can seem absolutely beautiful at first glance, but they may have some sort of quirk or feature that just does not suit your personal style at all. The good news with any of these issues, however, is that The ZipYard will be able to fix whatever the problem is, and can make this supposedly perfect designer outfit genuinely perfect – for you.

You’ll like the jib of our cuts

The ZipYard employs only the most experienced, qualified and highly skilled seamstresses and tailors to ensure that the alteration of your clothes, designer or otherwise, will be taken care of with the highest possible degree of professionalism. The garment will be shaped and fitted to your personal body type. The ZipYard specialises in all aspects of the craft, from shortening hems, to taking in waists or providing extra room in any item of clothing. The skill of altering clothes is in the attention to detail and the expertise of the execution, and the Zipyard has been hiring the best of the best, since its inception back in 2005.

Common alterations

Among the most frequently requested alterations at the ZipYard is the professional shortening of leg and arm lengths. This can result in the need to alter other elements and dimensions as well as moving buttons and buckles. At The ZipYard we regularly alter collars, cuffs, in-seam pockets and waistlines, in addition to renewing the linings of coats and jackets.

Using the services of the seamstresses and tailors at the ZipYard can make all the difference, saving damaged clothes and turning unflattering designer outfits into comfortable fits. Contact us today!