Make a big entrance without a big budget!

If you want to feel like the belle-of-the-ball just head on over to The ZipYard and we’ll turn your online bargain into a breath-taking showstopper.

Everyone wants to make a big entrance and make an impression with the way they dress, but that can be difficult, especially for people who do not have a big budget to spend on clothes. The good news however, is that old clothes or bargains you found online can be made to look like the height of haute couture – in the hands of the right people!

Trust the ZipYard with your new look

The right people, of course, are the expert team from the ZipYard; experienced seamstresses and talented tailors, who will be able to make you feel like you are stepping onto the red carpet with the latest designs in high fashion, albeit at a fraction of the cost.

Looking good without breaking the bank

Buying the latest clothes and fashions can be a very expensive business, and the simple fact is that the great majority of ordinary people simply do not have the kind of money necessary to do so. However, that doesn't mean that people have to go around looking like they are wearing second-hand outfits! Many clothes can be purchased for bargain prices on the internet, and while they may not look perfect at first, in the hands of the experts at the ZipYard, those bargain clothes can be made to look like something considerably more expensive, for a surprisingly economical fee.

What the ZipYard can do for you

The comprehensive and professional bespoke clothing alterations services offered by the ZipYard can result in major transformations of old or new bargain outfits. The ZipYard experts are able to restyle, customise and resize everything from party, bridal, and formal wear, to skirts, shirts, suits, jackets, leather outfits and much more besides. Contact the ZipYard today, for an inexpensive way to go out looking like a million bucks!