When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you're constantly in-between sizes it can be really difficult to find an outfit which you feel totally comfortable in. It doesn't help when different brands seem to have different sizes. A size 14 in one can feel like a size 12 in another. But all is not lost. At the ZipYard we’ve made our name in altering and adjusting, easing in and letting out to help your clothes give you the look you really want.

People whose weight tends to fluctuate a bit, causing them to frequently alter their clothing size, can find shopping for clothes a very frustrating experience. However, you don't have to have a constantly changing waistline in order to be frustrated with clothing, as changing sizes can sometimes be caused just by shopping for a different brand. When different brands have different sizes, meaning that in one store you might be a 12 but in other you could be a 14, shopping for new clothes can start to become confusing, costly and even embarrassing!

Sizeable problems

There are a number of reasons for the inconsistencies, ranging from a lack of standard sizing to retailers opting for "vanity sizing". The aim here is to make people feel better about their weight by scaling down the size numbers to something more appealing and flattering to the ego. At the same time, some clothes are often exclusively marketed to very small sizes that only a fraction of the population will be able to squeeze into, even though they may labelled similarly to more "average" sizes. On other occasions, clothes can be given the wrong size tag simply due to a manufacturing error.

One size can fit all

The good news for those who have found an item of clothing that they adore, but which is just too small or, in some cases, too large for them, is that they don't have to take the item back to the store and end up with something they don't like as much. The Zipyard is a comprehensive and thoroughly professional bespoke alterations and repair service for clothing; we can take pretty much any item of clothing and resize it to fit the owner. Regardless of the size or the nature of the clothing item, be it a dress, blouse, jeans, suit, coat etc, the Zipyard can make it fit!