Sew little time!

If you've got a busy schedule running up to Christmas (and let’s face it who hasn’t!) the last thing you’ll have time for is carrying out those minor sewing repairs yourself.

With less than a month until the festive season, there is little time for people to make any alterations to clothing that they may want to wear over the Christmas period. The holidays are the ideal time to wear all manner of interesting outfits, from the likes of fringed jackets, mini dresses and cut off denim shorts, to bohemian tops, but your style will be seriously compromised if you find out too late that your favourite outfit will no longer fit, or is suffering from some kind of damage, such as a broken zip.

The ZipYard is the answer

The solution to any festive clothing woes is The ZipYard, as it is at any other time of the year! However, this is a particularly busy time for The ZipYard, so if you want to make sure your festive apparel has been altered or repaired in time for the office Christmas party or family get-together, get in touch as soon as possible.

The ZipYard is able to mend, customize, restyle and resize almost any kind of clothing that you are going to want to wear over the festive season, including the likes of party wear, skirts, shirts, trousers, jackets, leather wear, dresses, blouses, jeans, suits and coats.

If you want your favourite outfit to be ready to wear for the holiday season, then there really is no need to go anywhere else but The ZipYard. We are staffed by trained professionals, able to make repairs and alterations to beloved outfits in a quick and efficient manner. The ZipYard enjoys a lot of repeat business from satisfied customers, and we're particularly busy at this hectic time of the year, making it all the more important for customers who want outfits hemmed or repaired in time for the holidays to bring in their clothes as soon as possible. Don’t delay, contact The ZipYard today!