Shine at the office party!

It's approaching the most magical time of the year and to help you look your best at the office party then call in at your local ZipYard.

The office party can be a source of dread or excitement, but in either instance one fact remains the same – you are going to need something nice to wear! But what happens if, after a long and exhaustive search, you finally find your perfect party outfit, only to discover there’s something wrong with it? Perhaps the outfit is too long, or too tight, or there’s just one little aspect of it that spoils the overall effect you were hoping for?

Take it to the ZipYard!

The good news is that if this is the case, you do not necessarily have to put the outfit in the back of your closet and start the search all over again. Instead, you might want to think about taking this otherwise perfect party outfit to The ZipYard for alterations. A full fitting service is offered by the highly trained tailors and seamstresses at The ZipYard, and you might also be surprised by how economical the service is as well. It will certainly be a lot less expensive – not to mention a lot less time consuming – than having to go out and buy an entire new outfit all over again!

The ZipYard offers all of our customers clothing alterations and tailoring of an extremely high quality, and our skilled employees can transform ill-fitting pieces of clothing into that perfect office party outfit that you have been desperately searching for. At The ZipYard, our goals have always been high quality tailoring, fair pricing, fast turnaround and superb customer service. We can not only alter and restyle outfits; we can also offer advice on the length, measurements and the overall fit, as well as adding material such as sleeves, and dealing with things like buttons, studs and – of course – zips. Contact The ZipYard to get prepared for your office party today!